The Flips

"Exactly Where I Should Be" out now

Live Videos

doubt (Nap House Studios, 2019)

THE POINT (Nap House Studios, 2019)

THE POINT (dz records, 2018)

What’s the plan? (DZ Records, 2018)

What's the Plan? (Upstate Sessions, 2018)

Better days + Take Cover (Grayslake Oasis, 2017)

Intro + I'm Okay (upstate sessions, 2017)

Casino (DZ FEST, 2016)

No Hope for me (DZ Records, 2016)

Down in Waves (DZ Records, 2016)

Doubt (Live From Studio 10, 2015)

God i'm Sorry (Encapsulate Music, 2013)

Casino (Encapsulate Music, 2013)